My 2014 REAP Garden

This page will document my attempt to grow a 4′ x 4′ garden using the Wilson County Master Gardener’s R.E.A.P. kit, which is available for purchase at $10. For more information on the R.E.A.P. garden kit visit:

reap-kit-photo-02There are 19 different types of vegetable seeds in the kit, enough to grow successive crops for three seasons (spring, summer and fall). The kit also contains a bag of compost, a bag of worm castings, a bag of 10-10-10 fertilizer, and instructions for growing each vegetable.

The raised bed is 16 sq.ft. (4′ x 4′), is 8″ deep and has been used since 2008. Before adding some of the amendments from the kit, the soil was equal parts homemade compost, mushroom compost (purchased), peat moss, composted horse manure and vermiculite. It was my lettuce, radish, carrot, and spinach bed in 2008 & 2011, my cantaloupe bed in 2009, my garlic and onion bed in 2010, and I grew grass in it last year. We’ll see how it and I do growing all these REAP veggies. My plan is to document every time we do anything in, or take anything from, this bed.

Here we go…

25 Feb –

We planted peas, kohlrabi and kale in the garden today. Winter still has three weeks and change in its pocket, but it looked and felt like spring today. The thermometer reached 63° and the sky was cloudless until late afternoon, but heavy rain and wind are in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, then colder temps, more rain and possibly some snow for the rest of the week.

my_reap_garden-20130225-DSCN1587 my_reap_garden-20130225-DSCN1586

… more to come.



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