image of K4KO QSL cardI am Greg Tomerlin, live in middle Tennessee (Wilson County – EM66) and hold an Extra class amateur radio license. My call sign is K4KO. I was first licensed in the summer of 2001.

My interests include casual contesting, and working DX.   When the weather is good, I also like operating QRP portable, occasionally using our club call W4DIT (Cedar Forest QRP Group).

High Frequency: I have all 50 states on 10, 20, 40, 80 and 160M, but I still lack five states on 15M (AR, DE, KY, MO and SC).  If you can help me fill in one of those holes, I would appreciate hearing from you.  For a sked on CW or SSB, email me at

image of tower at K4KO on 27 August 2005I have my DXCC certificates for mixed, phone and CW, and also for 10M, 15M and 20M, but have quit sending QSL cards unless I qet one with a request so I’ll probably never get that 5BDXCC certificate.  My overall DXCC count stands at 286 entities with 258 on phone and 260 on CW (129 QRP)…. many, many holes to fill.

Very High & Ultra High Frequency: Although no longer active at VHF/UHF, I have 408 grids worked, 49 states confirmed (CQ Alaska) and 60 different DXCC entities on 50MHz.  On 144 MHz, I have 106 grids, 31 states and four DXCC entities worked.  Many of the VHF contacts were weak signal via meteor scatter or tropo and two of the DXCC on 144 MHz were via EME (RN6BN & ES6RQ).  Finally, in 2006 I briefly and temporarily added 432 MHz to the station and worked 27 grids and 12 states.

If you need confirmation of a QSO we have had and you are in a hurry, send me your card direct and I’ll send you one. I also upload all QSOs to LoTW. If you need EM66, Wilson County or Tennessee for an award or goal, drop me an email at to set up a sked on 80M – 10M.

This photo is of my station in the winter of 2007. Since then I swapped the Icom for an Elecraft K3, and have a K2/10 (built by WA2DKG, tnx Jerry) for the field and QRP.  Antennas were massive and many at one time, but have been pared down to a single OCF for 80-10M in an elm tree at just 25 feet ag.  I sold the tower and my VHF gear, so I am no longer active there. I miss the weak signal stuff at 144 MHz and 50 MHz.

FISTS / CC / Silver Flying Pigs OCN K3 s/n K2 s/n
10584 / 1631 / 507 517 169 6763 6184
================ ========= ========= ========= =========
Geratol / Director ARS SOC NAQCC Qrp Arci
2380 / 476 1435 555 506 12176


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