How genetic engineering can fight disease, reduce insecticide use and enhance food security: Pamela Ronald speaks at TED2015

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Pamela Ronald speaks at TED2015 - Truth and Dare, Session 6. Photo: Bret Hartman/TED Pamela Ronald is a plant scientist, married to an organic farmer. Her talk shows how their goals are the same: to grow good food. Photo: Bret Hartman/TED

Pamela Ronald is here to talk about her work as a plant geneticist, about her work “studying genes that make plants resistant to disease and tolerant of stress.”

But first, she’d like to introduce us to her husband. “This is Raoul. He’s an organic farmer,” she says. “People say, ‘Really? An organic farmer and a plant geneticist? Can you agree on anything?’ Well, we can. Because we both have the same goal: we want to help nourish the growing population without further destroying the environment.”

Genetic improvement of plants isn’t new, she says. Ancient corn had a case so hard that it couldn’t be chewed; the ancient banana was full of large seeds; ancient brussels sprouts weren’t actually individual objects. “To create these crops, breeders used many…

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Ever Been Bitten by the Bonsai Bug?

I attended the October 6 meeting of the Wilson County Master Gardener Association at which Patti and Gary Stein gave a presentation on the art of bonsai. During the presentation they demonstrated their craft by creating a bonsai using a nursery-grown Mugo pine. The Master Gardener Association sold chances to win the tree for $1/each, and although I purchased several chances, I ended up winning the raffle and the tree when another member left early and gave me her ticket as she was leaving. Thank you Marilyn Burchett. And thank you Patti and Gary for the presentation and for your guidance and help since the meeting. I am hooked.

Here are a few photos of my first bonsai.

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My first attempt at creating a bonsai will be either a red cedar (Juniper virginiana) a hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) or a Nandina (Nandina domestica ‘firepower’). I will post photos once I get the materials and find a specimen. Stay tuned.

Greg Tomerlin

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2013 Fall Garden Layout

2013 Fall Garden Layout

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Breaking Up Winter

the_gallinippers-20130302After attending the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show on Saturday, 2 March 2013, I came home eager to break some ground and plant some stuff. Alas, the snow (more the wind chill factor than the snow) changed my mind once I got back home. So I stared longingly at my seed starts (peppers, tomatoes and some herbs) looking for signs of life. Nyet! Nothing! Not a peep. Sigh…

breaking-up-winter130302-1609Eager to shake the winter blues my darling and I braved the frigid night air and icy roads and tore out for the Breaking Up Winter shindig with The Gallinippers out in the cedar forest. What a night! The warmup band was tearing it up when we arrived about 7:45. They were good. Then The Gallinippers took the stage and THEY WERE ON FIRE! Not only that, they set fire to almost everyone in the room when Te Claw joined them and started calling. He WAS A HOOT and had that whole floor scuffed up in about two minutes. This was my first time to witness Te Claw’s magic but I hope it’s not my last. He was fantastic! Hearing him call and watching him dance was worth the freezing trek across the frozen tundra! And the dancers he called were a blast to watch. Some were excellent dancers, and some were just dancers but they were all having a good time and for about two and a half hours no one there thought about how cold it was outside or how their seeds had not germinated. UNTIL, that is, I ran into this fellow:

Jeff Poppen at the Breakin' Up Winter dance at Cedars of Lebanon State Park on Saturday night, 2 March 2013.

Breakin’ Up Winter with Jeff Poppen at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. Saturday night, 2 March 2013

The Barefoot Farmer Jeff Poppen was there and just so you know, he dances barefoot too. He came in shoeless and left shoeless… in the snow. I think I’m catching a cold just talking about it.

Of the two places I visited this day, the garden show or the square dance in Cedar Forest, how many of you would bet on my seeing Jeff at the dance? Me neither. But it was a joy to meet him. He is just as genial and generous in person as he is on TV. And he can dance!

What a day… the lawn and garden show then Margarita House for lunch and liquid with Ma and Angela, then THE GALLINIPERS (it does not get any better than The Gallinippers!), Te Claw at the mic, meeting Jeff Poppen, and time spent in Cedars of Lebanon State Park! I can’t think of a better way to break up winter.

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What God Said – Anthony David


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Welcome to my new blog

If you’re looking for Greg Tomerlin, you might have found him. When I am not on the radio (K4KO), I annoy the honeybees that live near me, garden, bird watch, read, and follow the weather (TN-WN-36).

On the radio, my interests include operating in contests, chasing DX on HF, using weak signal modes or chasing grids on VHF.   When the weather is good, I also like operating QRP portable, occasionally using our club call W4DIT (Cedar Forest QRP Group).

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